Career & Life Planning

Life planning education elements are integrated in the subject curriculum and ‘school-based personal growth scheme’, empowering students to link up their career/academic aspirations with/into whole-person development and life-long learning.


School-based career-related curriculum has been established across all forms, closely aligns with students’ developmental needs at different stages of growth and helps them cultivate a positive and proactive attitude towards career and life planning. Group and individual counselling services are provided for S.3 and S.6 students respectively, supporting students to make an informed decision on subject choices of their study. The school has been co-operating with external organizations to promote career and occupational experiential learning opportunities. To nurture students to be self-directed learners in their life-planning process, they could participate in different workshops, experiential courses, job shadowing and internship programmes, in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations. Besides, our school has joined the “Deloitte ‘Pass the Torch’ Student Mentoring Programme, in which mentors from “Deloitte” (one of the Big Four accounting firms) help students establish their learning and career goals. In addition, our school is awarded the ‘Distinguished Award of Caring School in Career and Life Planning Education’.


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